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November 30, 2020 1 min read

Urban World Series Quarterfinals
Madrid Urban Sports' first edition of the new urban sports festival in Madrid, was held virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The women's skateboarding bracket started with Rayssa Leal vs Keet Oldenbeuving, Nanaka Fujisawa vs Candy Jacobs, Margielyn Didal vs Marina Gabriela and Andrea Benítez vs Gabi Mazetto.

Nanaka Fujisawa Winner!
"Nanaka Fujisawa, the queen of skateboarding at Madrid Urban Sports
The second discipline that was held at Madrid Urban Sports was women’s skateboarding, which has had a clear dominance. Nanaka Fujisawa, the 19-year-old young Japanese skater, has clearly established herself throughout the event. The Japanese started like a thunderbolt in Madrid Urban Sports, being the MVP in the quarterfinals. The dominance has not stopped and she took the win over Margyelin Didal with a FS feeble at the final to be crowned champion of Madrid Urban Sports.

Therefore, Fujisawa finished first and second was followed by her rival from the final, Margyelin Didal. In the other final, the consolation one, Gabi Mazetto faced Raysa Leal. Mazetto has not given Leal an option and has also won by five votes to zero, to win the bronze medal from Madrid Urban Sports. The podium has therefore remained: Fujisawa, Didal and Mazetto." - Madrid Urban Sports

Congratulations Nanaka for Virtual Exposure 2020 and Urban World Series back to back wins this week!!!