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January 27, 2017 1 min read

Vanessa Torres Dues Paid

"Vanessa Torres has paid her dues. The veteran skater is on every girl-skater’s list of favorite skaters and inspirations. Even through tough times with no sponsors and not many contests in the mid 2000s, Vanessa has endured solely based off her passion for skateboarding and her stubbornness as she puts it, to not give up and get a real job. With her upcoming part in the all-girl skate video Quit Your Day Job, we’ll all be able to witness this 30 year-old’s best part to date. She’s a lifer and will continue to inspire many more generations of skaters with her dedication and love for skateboarding. Hell yeah, Vanessa!" – Jaime Owens 

Read Vanessa Torres full interview from the Transworld Skateboarding November 2016 issue here.