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Big Cat [Tie Dye]

-7-ply Maple
-Assorted Top Color
-Hand Crafted by PS Stix

-7.00" x 28.25" | 12" WB [700M] - Micro UltraStix Construction
-7.25" x 29" | 12.50" WB [725M] - Micro UltraStix Construction
-7.50" x 30.25" | 13.00" WB [750M] - Mini UltraStix Construction

Micro/Mini UltraStix Construction
Mini UltraStix Construction is 3% thinner than the standard 7-ply deck, and Micro UltraStix Construction is another 3% thinner. They also have a scaled-down mold and size proportionate to the wheelbase, making them light, snappy, and comfortable to ride.

You wouldn’t put someone on a bicycle where they cannot touch the pedals, so why should a smaller skater settle for a board that’s too big?

When a skater cannot reach the nose without widening their stance to a disproportionate width to their height, progress is challenging. Save the adaption energy for the spot and the trick, not the board.